Saturday, December 22, 2012


Someday I will be the swan
The swan that you'll be proud of
You are too good to be with a duck
A duck with paralyzed love

The former chapter of your book looks amazing
Somebody should tear them off dramatizing
Could I be the last chapter
Or would there be a next sequel after?

White swan flying
Black swan crying
Grey swan dying
They all are whores
Coming through different doors
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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Duhai wajah tengah malam
Yang tersembunyi dibalik penat kesendirian
Perlahan kau memancar saat ku genggam
Namun tak jua tersinari bulan

Naluriah, seluruhku mengabdi kian taat
Kepadamu tak mungkin berbuah penat
Tiadakah aku tertanam di hati,
yang bila rindu akan kau gali?

Cinta ini kuderita sekian lama
Tiada niat kuhapus dengan air mata
Meski kemasyuran akan singgah
Hanya kepada fikir yang tak patah

Aku tersedak kata-kata cinta yang kuucap
Lalu meninggal di tempat serupa dimana aku jatuh cinta
Aku, dengan mata hati yang tertancap
Menyaksikan kematianku tanpa kata

Kini bersemayam diriku yang sejati
Di gubuk sederhana tersusun dari pecahan hati
Terpendam di dalamnya rahasia nan sarat kehidupan
Terungkap hanya oleh si penghindar waktu
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Sunday, December 18, 2011


 Sutan Alam as Officer Adams                     Irwan I.     as Inspector Duke
Tito R.         as Julian & Postman                Kikin H. P. as Donna (prostitute girl)
Uvi Rika M. as Blaire (Adam’s wife)           Umi K.      as Nathalie (new waitress)
Tiara W.      as Kim (Japanese girl)             Marliana   as Katy (Adam’s daughter) 
Lilis M.         as Georgia (Adam’s assistant)                   Ira L.     as Cafe’s Manager&Narrator
Selvirani      as Connie (Kim’s friend)
(Scene 1)   Coffee shop
In an afternoon, at a coffee shop. Some waitress are waiting for customers.
(Blaire comes and sitting down in the corner table, her eyes are always on the waitresses in the bar table)
Kim              : Oh, shit! She comes again.
Connie          : Do you want me to handle this?
Kim              : No, this is my section. I got it.
(Kim comes to Blaire’s table to serve her)
Kim              : Hi, can I help you, MAdams?
Blaire          : Hi, ni nzuri kuona tena (speaks Swahili)
Kim              : Ni nzuri sana kuwona, Bibie (replies in Swahili)
Blaire          : Wow, impressive! You are Japanese, right?
Kim              : Yes, Madams. Is there something wrong about that?
Blaire          : No, nothing. It’s just hard to find Japanese who can speak Swahili.
Kim              : Really?
Blaire          : Yeah.
Kim              : Well, Do you want to order something, Madams?
Blaire          : Summer Latte, please.
Kim              : Anything else?
Blaire          : No, thank you.
(Kim leaves her to get the order, yet Blaire goes out from that coffee shop after leaving some cash and a note on her table. Kim takes it all when she is about to bring the order, then she walks back to the bar table)
Kim              : That woman is fucking weird.
Connie          : What happen, Kim? Did she do something to you?
Kim              : Yeah, when I get this to her table, she’s gone.
Connie          : May be she wants something from you. May be she’s a lesbian and wants to make you her partner.
Kim              : Shut up! (Handing her elbow to Connie)
(Connie laughs at her friend)
Manager      : Ehm… (Giving sign to her employees to stop talking)
Kim and Connie don’t get it yet)
Connie          : Easy, girl.
Kim              : Hey, she left me this. (Showing the note)
Connie          : What is that?
Kim              : I think she wants to meet me somewhere.
Connie          : See what I told you? Ahaa… She must be preparing something special for you.  Something private and romantic.
Kim              : Oh, Come on, Connie I’m serious. I really think if I should come seeing her.
Manager      : (Coming closer) what do you think I hire you for? Focus! (walking away then )
Kim and Connie laugh at a second.

(Scene 2)    At Blaire’s house.
Blaire’s daughter, Katy, is playing with Georgia, Adam’s assistant. Then Blaire comes home
Blaire          : Honey, I’m home.
(Georgia is playing with Katy)
Katy            : Mommy’s coming!
Blaire          : Good evening, Sweetheart! Hello, Georgia!
Katy            : Good evening, Mom!
Georgia        : Hello, Blaire. Where have you been?
Blaire          : Finding out the bitch.
Georgia        : What? Now you’re as crazy as your husband?
Blaire          : What do you mean? I’ve just met her. She’s real.
Katy            : Mommy, Georgia gives me a bear…
Blaire          : Wow, have you found a name for him?
Katy            : Yes, Mom. His name is Julian.
Georgia        : O my God, how can she name it like that? (Asking Blaire)
Blaire          : Nope. (Turning her eyes to Katy) Where did you get that name, Katy?
Katy            : Why? I love that name.
Georgia        : Alright. Whatever!
(Blaire clears up the room and then Adams shows up)
Adams         : I’m home!
Blaire          : Hi, honey, I have a good news.
Adams         : Is it about Julian?
Blaire          : Uh-hu.
Katy            : Daddy, Daddy, this is Julian!
Adams         : What does she mean?
Georgia        : Your daughter named her bear ‘Julian’.
Adams         : What? No, honey, that’s not a good name.
Katy            : I love that name.
Adams         : No. How about Antonio? Tyler? Or Sandy? That’s cute, isn’t that?
Blaire          : Oh, come on, Baby. Don’t take it too serious.
Katy            : Noooooo. I want Julian!
Adams         : Well, as you wish. Now you go to bed, it’s late.
Katy            : Hoaaam… Ok, Daddy.
Blaire          : Good night, Sweety!
Katy            : Good night, Mom, Dad! Good night, Georgia! Thank you for Julian!
Georgia        : Okay.
Adams         : Good night, Princess!
(Blaire, Adams, and Georgia sit to continue discussing.)
Adams         : So what is that?
Blaire          : I found Julian’s bitch.
Adams         : Are you serious?
Blaire          : Yes, I have set it. I’m gonna meet her in Palace Hotel, room 68 tomorrow at 4 pm. We can get her this time.
Georgia        : Excuse me, how can you be so sure that you get the right girl?
Blaire          : I have stalked this girl for several weeks. She was seen several times in the places where Julian was expected to be there. And she can speak Swahili.
Georgia        : It doesn’t enough to conclude that she is Julian’s bitch.
Blaire          : She is Japanese and we know Julian would never date a western because he hates them. And she can speak Swahili, just like his bitch.
Adams         : You’re right. It’s probably her.

(Scene 3)    Palace Hotel, Room 68.
At Palace Hotel, Room 68. Blaire is waiting for Kim, the girl who’s suspected as Julian’s bitch.
Blaire          : Where is that fucking bitch? (She keeps her eyes on her watch and comes hither and thither)
Blaire          : It’s been two hours.
Knock…knock… (somebody knocks the door)
(Blaire opens the door. Adams and Duke comes in)
Blaire          : She’s not coming.
Adams         : Damn!
Duke            : This is nonsense!
Blaire          : I’m sorry. May be she knows.
Duke            : Enough! I close this case. This is wasting our time. There are still many things waiting to solve. (Leaving the hotel room)
Adams         : It’s ok, honey. Just go home. I don’t want you to go any further. I can do it myself.

(Scene 4)   In front of the coffee shop
A day after, Adams goes to the coffee shop to find Kim. The coffee shop has not open yet. So he knocks the window pane.
(Adams is knocking the window glass in front of the coffee shop. Nathalie comes closer)
Nathalie      : Sorry, Sir. We’re open at eleven.
Adams         : This is Emergency.
Nathalie      : No, we’re not open.
Adams         : I’m on duty.
Nathalie      : I’m sorry, Sir. (Opening the door) Please come in.
Adams         : Thank You. I’m Adams from NYPD.
Nathalie      : Nathalie. (Shaking Adams’ hand) What can I do for you?
Adams         : Yes, I need to meet a girl who works here. Her name is Kim. Is he here?
Nathalie      : Kim? I’ve never heard that name.
Adams         : She works here. She’s Japanese.
Nathalie      : I’m sorry, I’m new here. This is my second day, but I’ve never seen a Japanese working here. You had better ask Connie.
Adams         : Do you mind to get her here?
Nathalie      : I think she’s not coming yet.
(Suddenly, the manager of the café comes up)
Manager      : Ehm..
Nathalie      : Oh, good morning, Mam.
Manager      : Good morning. Could anyone tell me why on earth you’re talking here while the others are so busy in the back?
Nathalie      : I’m so sorry. We have a guess, Mam. This is Officer Adams from NYPD.
Manager      : Can I help you, Sir.
Adams         : Actually I just need to talk to one of your employee, Connie.
Manager      :  Is she about something bad?
Adams         : No. I’m just hoping she could give some helpful information for a case I’m working in.
Manager      : Alright. Take your time while we’re not open up this place.
(Connie enters the door)
Nathalie      : Oh, there she is! (Calling Connie) Connie, there’s somebody wants to meet you here.
(Connie comes a near and the manager walk away)
Connie          : (Looking at Adam’s face) I’m sorry, do I know you?
Adams         : Adams from NYPD.
Connie          : Connie.
Nathalie      : Do you mind if I leave you now? I’ve to finish my job before we open.
Adams         : Oh, Sure. Thank you for your time, Nathalie!
Nathalie      : You are very welcome, Officer Adams!
(Connie sits on the chair where Nathalie sat)
Connie          : So, What is it about?
Adams         : I want to ask you about Kim. Do you know her?
Connie          : Yes. Did something happen to her?
Adams         : I have no idea. I am here to see her.
Connie          : She disappeared. I don’t know (crying). It’s been three days.
Adams         : Can you tell me anything that she did or something happened to her before she disappeared?
Connie          : I don’t know… (still crying). Well, there’s a woman. She always came here to watch her. She left a note! It seemed like she wanted to meet Kim somewhere.
Adams         : Oh, don’t worry, that’s my wife. She was an agent and now she helps this investigation. Kim was suspected as Julian’s girl.
Connie          : Julian? You meant the terrorist? And you just said that my friend, Kim, is Julian’s bitch?
(Adams nods)
Connie          : No, that’s impossible! Kim is a nice girl.
Adams         : I’m sorry.
Connie          : I have to work now.
Adams         : Ok, sorry for bothering you this morning.
(Connie leaves Adams. Adams is about to leave the coffee shop, yet Nathalie calls him back)
Nathalie      : Officer Adams!
Adams         : Yes?
Nathalie      : I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bug your discussion. I heard you are talking about Julian, the terrorist.
Adams         : Yes, I handle this case.
Nathalie      : I think I know someone who knows a bit about Julian.
Adams         : Who is that?
Nathalie      : She is Donna. She was my friend. I’m not seeing her again for a long time. She works in a prostitute place now. I can give you her address.
(Nathalie writes down Dona’s address on a small of paper)
Nathalie      : Here. (Giving the paper) Please don’t ever tell her that I give you this. I just don’t want to have something to do with her anymore.
Adams         : Ok, I see. Thank you, Nathalie.
Nathalie      : Anytime, Officer.

(Scene 5)   At Dona’s rent house.
Adams comes to Dona’s places to get some information about Julian. He knocks the door but no one opens it. He finds the door is unlocked. So he just comes in.
Adams         : Hello, Anybody home?
(Dona comes from another room)
Dona            : Go! I’m not available now.
Adams         : I’m not coming here for sleeping with you.
Dona            : So?
Adams         : NYPD
Dona            : Wow, so you come here to arrest me?
Adams         : No, I just need any information about Julian.
Dona            : Who’s Julian?
Adams         : Julian D’ Meier.
Dona            : Never heard before.
Adams         : Please, don’t make yourself difficult.
Dona            : What? You’re going to arrest me?
Adams         : I could do that, for your behavior that
Dona            : Ok, he called me once.
Adams         : So, you slept with him?
Dona            : No, he’s a fucking crazy guy.
 Adams        : Did you see his face?
Dona            : No, it’s too dark. He wanted to torture me before we had sex. I thought it was just for his fun. A Sadomasochist. I was just too afraid and ran away.
Adams         : Where did you meet him?
Dona            : In Palace hotel, room 68.
Adams         : Palace Hotel, room 68?
Dona            : Yes, why?
Adams         : You have to follow me now. You’re under arrest.
Dona            : What? No, you can’t do this to me. Damn you are!

(Scene 6)   NYPD office.
In NYPD office, Inspector Duke is preparing for something. Then Georgia comes in.
Georgia        : Good morning, Inspector! I need you to check this report.
Duke            : I have a speech for national TV now. I’m busy (wearing a tie). What is that about?
Georgia        : Adams found new trace of Julian. He was in Moscow a couple weeks ago.
Duke            : Oh, take it back!
Georgia        : What do you mean?
Duke            : That case has been closed.
Georgia        : What? Why?
Duke            : I don’t want people concerned about that blur issue.
Georgia        : But Adams gives his life for this case.
Duke            : So it has to be ended. Julian does not exist. We got no witness until now. Even no one has ever seen his face.
Georgia        : And how about the terror and all the mess that he has caused?
Duke            : Julian is just a symbol of crime. The criminals create that name just for fun.
(Adams comes)
Adam           : I have a witness. Georgia, get the girl outside here.
(Dona comes in)
Adams         : She met Julian once.
Duke            : Is it right, Miss…?
Dona            : Miller. Dona Miller. Just call me Dona. (Trying to tease every guy)
Duke            : So, you met Julian?
Dona            : Yeah, just once. I have told him that I didn’t even see his face!
Adams         : But it can prove that Julian exists!
Duke            : Well, you may leave this room, Miss Miller.
(Dona leaves the office)
Duke            : Enough, Adams. This case is closed.
(knock… knock… knock…)
Postman       : Excuse me. I’m looking for Mr. Adams Messer.
Adams         : It’s me.
Postman       : I’m delivering a letter for you.
Adams         : Oh, here.
Postman       : I need your sign here, sir. (Giving a post delivery report)
(Adams sign on the report)
Postman       : Thank you, Sir.
(The postman leaves. Adams opens the letter)
Adams         : Oh my God!
Georgia        : What happen?
Adams         : He has taken my family!
Georgia        : What? Who? (Panic)
Adams         : Julian. (Walking out and back again) Listen Georgia, if I can save my family, and something bad happen to me, promise me you’ll take care of them.
Georgia        : We’re going with you.
(Adams left)
Georgia        : Adams, wait!

(Scene 7)   Palace Hotel, Room 68.
The room is so quiet and the door is unlock.
(Adams busts in door, holding a gun)
Adams         : Honey! Katy! Blaire! (Finding Blaire and Katy tied up) Blaire! Are you alright? Don’t worry, I’m here! (Put his gun on the ground and release Blaire first)
(Julian stands behind Adams and points a gun on his hand)
Katy            : Daddy, watch out! (Warns her dad and crying)
(Adams and Julian fight. Blaire takes Adams’ gun and ready to pull the trigger on her husband’s head)
Julian          : Don’t shoot him, honey! That’s my only joy.
Adams         : What?! (Shock)
Blaire          : As you wish, my love.
Adams         : Blaire…
Julian          : What? Are you speechless? Hahaha… Surprise! Tie him up, Baby.
(Blaire ties Adams together with Katy)
Adams         : So you are…
Blaire          : Yes, I am Julian’s bitch. Isn’t it so great?
(Adams just keeps silent and so sad to know that)
Julian          : Yes, Baby. You’re the best artist in this earth. I love you, Baby!
(Julian and Blaire are tossing their glass and drink champagne)
Blaire          : I love you more.
Julian          : I love you most.
(Boogh… Boogh…)
(Someone is coming from another room and fall down onto the ground. Blaire is gaining on her)
Kim              : Help me…
Blaire          : Hello, Kim! You look so tired.
Kim              : You…are… son… of a bitch!
Blaire          : Wrong! I am the bitch.
Kim              : You are disgusting. What did I do to you?! I didn’t even touch your life!
Julian          : Just kill her, honey! She’s not well enough.
Blaire          : I just dislike you. It’s enough for me to take your life.
Kim              : Goddamn you! I swear you’re gonna die today, and I’ll spit your face when we meet in hell. You…are…going…to…die today!
Blaire          : How many nights you’ve slept with her, Baby?
Julian          : Once. But don’t worry, he can never be as good as you.
Blaire          : Oh, you’re so sweet.
Adams         : Stop! What is going on? Blaire, how could you do this to me and your daughter!
Blaire          : My daughter? No, she is not my fucking daughter. Julian’s child will be my child. Yet she is your child, so she will never be my child!
Katy            : Mommy… (crying) Daddy I’m scared.
Julian          : (Coming closer to Julian) Now I’m going to kill for sure. And She is the next (pointing a finger to Katy)
Blaire          : I’m going to cut her up into sixty eight pieces.
(Julian stabs Adams in heart with a blade. Adams died)
Katy            : Daddy… No! Daddy, wake up! Wake up!
Julian          : Your turn, Honey.
Blaire          : Thank you.
(Duke and Georgia suddenly bust in door. Duke shoots Julian. Julian falls down with a gun in his hand. Blaire is about to stab Katy)
Katy            : Georgia, help me!
Georgia        : Blaire, are you insane?
(Blaire turns back and finds Julian is dead)
Blaire          : (Coming closer to Julian’s body) Julian! Baby wake up! Wake up! Don’t leave me alone…!
(Blaire takes a gun on Julian’s hand and shoot herself)
Duke            : This is unbelievable. (Checking Adam’s pulse) He’s dead.
Georgia        : Oh my God (shock)! Katy, are you ok?
Katy            : (crying) Mommy… Daddy…
Georgia        : It’s ok, you’re staying with me.